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category Astrologer
place Pudukkad
name Brijesh Kurup
address Pulikken tower, Pudukkad, Thrissur
phone 9895266181
district Thrissur
taluk Mukundapuram
block Kodakara
panchayath Pudukkad
details Services Offered by Astrologer Brijesh kurup Jyothisham Sri. Brijesh kurup is an expert in horoscope calculations and predictions based on birth times and star positions. He provides consultation services for horoscope related queries or predictions. Jaathakam The horoscope is a document defining brief prediction of life of a person based upon the planetory positions at the exact time of his birth. Usually this is written at very early age, but can be written at any time, if the exact date and time of birth, as well as place of birth are known. Prasnam Kavidi Prasnam - Kudumba Prasnam (related to family affairs), Manushika Prasnam (related to personal affairs), Devaprasnam (related to family/ancestral temples) Medical Jyothisham Predictions of diseases and disorders to body organs or areas on basis of planetory positions at time of birth, or current planetory positions and motion, and suitable remedies and precautions.
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